Tribulation Survival by Walking Humbly with God in Service to Others

A Survival Strategy of Enlightened Continuity and Comfort

MinistriesThe time has come for those in awareness to gather together in pursuit of a noble mission — a fellowship with like-minded others that transcends the rebukes of family and friends, and the frustration caused by a lack of resources.

Knowledge Mountain is a non-denominational teaching church for those in awareness who choose to study the principles of enlightened governance and community participation for survival in the midst of a global tribulation.

As a supplement to your existing faith-based organization, our church is about helping you to fully develop your personal relationship with Creator through the study of universal spiritual truths.

Do You Have Dreams, Visions and Premonitions?

Humanity stands at the cusp of a great tribulation.  One that will last over a decade and which will claim the better part of our species.  Many who know of these coming events have come to this awareness through science. Many more have come to this awareness through dreams, visions and premonitions, and we are in service to them.

The mission of our non-denominational teaching church is:

  • To help those in awareness to fully develop their own personal relationships with Creator.
  • To help those in awareness join with like-minded others and no longer feel alone.
  • To help non-profit groups and faith-based organizations come together to prepare for the difficult years ahead, in a loving way.
  • To help those in awareness by sharing self-sufficiency knowledge and spiritual teachings, through our web site, our  membership program, and our upcoming podcast promoting ham radio as vital to get through what’s coming: Radio Free Earth.

Our three precepts are:

  • Self-Sufficiency:  Independence is the foundation of spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom gives the ability to advance toward ascension, as well as the ability for our species as a whole to evolve spiritually.
  • Hope for the Future:  While others will lament the end of this civilization, we see a clean slate for the creation of the next civilization. We hope for a more enlightened future for all of us, everywhere.
  • Knowing That You are Not Alone:  Those long in awareness, and those newly coming into awareness, are a thinly spread minority.  Yet, we are a minority that is growing larger each day.  Through our membership program and forum you will be able to connect with like-minded others, wherever they are located geographically.

Creator does not want us to see us judged and punished. Creator’s purpose in major, cataclysmic change is to give us the opportunity to move forward spiritually, as the Israelites did following the disruptions, terror, and decades of wandering following The Exodus, and as Noah and his descendants did after the Great Flood.

Creator wants us to survive and thrive through love-based service to others, compassion, and ascension. Now that you know why we are here, how about you?

Why You Are Here

Above all else, you are here because you are a seeker of truth, and you are in awareness. You know a time of tribulation is coming. Likewise, you know it will happen on our watch, and here is where you find yourself marching to the beat of a different drummer. Worse yet, you are often ostracized for asking questions that are not supposed to be asked.

Needless to say, you’re not mainstream, which is great, because neither are we. So, do any of the following questions resonate with you?

  • Are you tired of repeatedly hearing “It’s all nonsense. Nothing is going to happen, and I don’t want to hear about it?”
  • Do family and friends tolerate your awareness like an ugly habit?
  • Are you at odds with a spouse or significant other who resents your awareness, and the joy of your relationship has degraded into a, “if you make your bed, you have to lie in it,” drudgery?
  • Is your spouse or significant other threatening to end it with you, or has that already happened?
  • Are your progeny living in harms way and mocking you for warning them of coming cataclysm?
  • Do you feel trapped and unable to freely follow your own planning and preparation efforts?
  • Do you sometimes feel like a healer walking in society as an outcast, and you cannot heal yourself?
  • Worse yet, is your awareness beginning to feel like a curse?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, know this, we founded this teaching church for you, because we’ve also said yes to one or more of these questions.

Yes, we know how it feels and we care, because if you are in awareness, you are special.

The Gift of Awareness

Yes, awareness is not a curse. It is a gift. An opportunity to be a part of something special and important. The problem is, when you’re being pummeled by mockery and isolation, awareness can be a very difficult experience. But not here.  Here, you can join with your brothers and sisters in awareness and freely share your knowings, dreams, visions, and reinforce each other’s hope for the future.

Love and blessings on your journey,
Marshall Masters and Jennifer Burns,

Co-Founders of Knowledge Mountain Church of Perpetual Genesis

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