Purposeful Survival for an Enlightened Future

Our church was founded in 2015 by spiritual thinkers to benefit like-minded individuals who shared our common goal which is to survive the coming Planet X tribulation and serve the meek so that humanity ultimately claims its God-given right and becomes a truly free species.

We are not a big tent church. Rather, we are a selective community for those aware of the catastrophes to come. We also seek answers to questions that mainstream faiths sidestep or suppress.

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Do You Have Dreams, Visions, and Premonitions?

Humanity stands at the cusp of a great tribulation. One that will last over a decade and which will claim the better part of our species. Many who know of these coming events have come to this awareness through science. Many more have come to this awareness through dreams, visions, and premonitions, and to them, we are in service.

The mission of our (non-denominational) teaching is:

  • To help those in awareness to fully develop their own personal relationships with Creator.
  • To help those in awareness join with like-minded others and no longer feel alone.
  • To help those in awareness and faith-based organizations come together to prepare for the difficult years ahead, in a loving way.
  • To help those in awareness by sharing self-sufficiency knowledge and spiritual teachings, through our website and membership program.

Our three survival precepts are:

  • Self-Sufficiency: Independence is the foundation of spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom gives the ability to advance toward ascension, as well as the ability for our species as a whole to evolve spiritually.
  • Hope for the Future: While others will lament the end of this civilization, we see a new beginning, a clean slate for the creation of the next civilization. We believe in a more enlightened future for all of us, everywhere.
  • Knowing You are Not Alone: Those long in awareness and those newly coming into awareness are a thinly spread minority. Yet, we are a minority that is growing larger each day.

Creator does not want to see us judged and punished. Creator’s purpose in major cataclysmic change is to provide the opportunity to move forward spiritually as Noah and his descendants did after the Great Flood and the Israelites did following the disruptions, terror, and decades of wandering following The Exodus.

Creator wants us to survive and thrive through love-based service to others, compassion, and ascension. Now that you know why we are here, how about you?

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The Gift of Awareness

Yes, awareness is not a curse. It is a gift. An opportunity to be a part of something special and important. The problem is, when you’re being pummeled by mockery and isolation, awareness can be a very difficult experience. But not here. Here, you can join with your brothers and sisters in awareness and freely share your knowings, dreams, visions, and reinforce each other’s hope for the future.

Love and blessings on your journey, Marshall Masters

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