Some Audios from Marshall

| November 19, 2015

These are Marshall’s hosting segments from his Cut to the Chase radio show on where he interviewed Nancy du Tertre. These talks are geared toward those in awareness and they contain valuable information about what is coming, and how to get through it. So we are offering them here, separate from the interview.

Part 1 – Who Lives and Who Dies

In the upcoming tribulation there is one kind of thinker who is most likely to survive. Marshall explains what makes the difference in this audio talk. Which kind of thinker are you?

Part 2 – The False Prophets

How might huge numbers of people be led to do nothing, even when they can clearly see the rapidly approaching Planet X System in the sky? Find out the surprising answer in this talk.

Part 3 – Running to the Roar

“Running to the roar” is a counter-intuitive but potentially life-saving strategy. Find out how not “running to the roar” regularly leads to sudden death on the savannas of Africa in this talk.

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