The Planet X Tribulation and Faith-Based Organizations

| November 23, 2015

Faith Based Organization Team

The Planet X Tribulation and Faith-Based Organizations

Marshall Masters | November 23, 2015
Faith Based Organization Team

As a consumer society, it is generally logical to us that the most important tools for survival are beans, bullets and bunkers. While these are indeed, important survival tools, they are not the most important ones. That is, when one fully weighs short-sighted consumer logic against the realities that are certain to arise during a decade long tribulation.

This is why, when one takes a far-sighted view of the challenges ahead, the human survival tools of invention, insight and initiative, begin to transcend the material survival tools of beans, bullets and bunkers. In other words, instead of conveniently buying our way out of the problem, we’ll have to think our way through it.

How we do that, with naive “me and mine” survival strategies for those predisposed to such shallow thinking, will only condemn themselves and their loved ones to unspeakable horrors once they leave the comfort of their shelters to find sustenance. This is when the scent of their healthy bodies will come to the attention of those a mile off who will have long since lost their sense of humanity. Then will come the horrors that precedes the feast. This is why “me and mine” survival strategies are doomed to fail.

Conversely, substantial communities of one hundred or more survivors who hold onto each other, their humanity and their personal relationships with Creator will have the best chances of survival. Furthermore, these communities will become shining enclaves of hope and advancement for what will be a dark and dangerous world. Why, you ask? Because they shall initially be formed by friends, family clans and faith-based organizations.

These are the findings of over twelve years of Planet X research and publishing by author, Marshall Masters. His work has helped him to identify the types of survival organizations most likely to endure the coming tribulation and to thrive beyond it. They will be neither for-profit organizations or egalitarian communes. It will be groups of friends, family clans and faith-based organizations for the following three reasons:

Established and Accepted Chain of Command

In the coming tribulation those who have been in denial all OF their lives will see the comforting certainty of their bubble world existence vanish before their very eyes and it will leave them feeling lost. Consequently, one of the perpetual causes of disharmony for egalitarian communes and for-profit organizations will be the ensuing power struggles.

With friends, family clans and faith-based organizations leadership roles are better defined and more widely accepted.

Rapid Mobilization of People and Assets

When the cost of a for-profit organization is financed by investors, the primary goal of that effort is to protect the investor’s interests. Consequently, time is lost to layers of oversight activities and quality is often compromised by unwise cost-cutting initiatives. while this does not have to be the case with egalitarian communes, unless an egalitarian commune is funded by a generous donor that has a hands-off approach, the commune will be challenged in terms of funding mass and critical focus.

With friends, family clans and faith-based organizations the vision quickly pulls all people and assets together to achieve a well-defined, community goal that is perceived to be in the best interest of the community as a whole.

Diversity of Skills

For-profit organizations AND egalitarian communes are typically formed by recruited or well-defined groups of task-related or philosophically-related individuals. Consequently, the range of skills and experience these individuals can bring to a community will be artificially constrained.

With friends, family clans and faith-based organizations there are no such constraints because these groups form for entirely different reasons. Faith-based organizations, of the three, have the greatest chance for success in a decade-long tribulation.

Whether you gather with others to pray in a church, temple, synagogue or chapel makes no difference. The purpose of these gatherings is purely spiritual. Therefore, people from very different walks of life WILL join together. As you pray, persons sitting next to you could be doctors, construction workers, engineers and such. Likewise, there could also be a grandmother who grew up on a farm and knows how to work with the Earth.

These people, that have a spiritual bond, will also have numerous and diverse relationships with other interest groups. For example, retired military, gunsmiths and ham radio operators to name a few and they will be able to draw on the talents of these other groups as well.

Invention, Insight and Initiative

In summary the greatest chance of surviving a decade-long tribulation will be with a faith-based organization with one hundred or more members. The smaller communities comprised of groups of friends and family clans will enjoy nearly the same advantages as faith-based organizations.

In any case from the viewpoint of leadership, encouraging and developing the transcendent human survival tools of invention, insight and initiative must be the dominant view. This will allow for the allocation of the material survival tools (the beans, bullets and bunkers) and the acquisition and management thereof to the experts within the community without the debilitating restraints of micromanagement.


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