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Purposeful Survival for an Enlightened Future

Knowledge Mountain Church of Perpetual Genesis, is a constitutional church. Our mission is to serve the will of God by forming small communities to survive extreme disasters and later colonize space and to ensure the survival of our species.

Our goals are based on the Perpetual Genesis philosophy, which maintains that God’s mission is the perpetual creation of life from the lifelessness of the void. Therefore, serving God’s will in this philosophy is about making an eternal commitment.

When you decide that you are ready, you offer up your commitment as an individual with this prayer: “God, I’m with you in your mission of Perpetual Genesis. I’m presently incarnated in this world and in this species. When my job is done here, send me where you need me and I will faithfully continue to serve your mission.”

That’s all there is to it because everything else is a matter of personal heritage, and this right must be respected by all church members regardless of their original faiths and beliefs. Knowledge Mountain is a constitutional church. In a manner of speaking, our dogma and doctrine are based on the Constitution of the United States as originally written.

When our founding fathers created the Constitution of the United States, no ”official” faith was designated as the state-approved religion for the country.

What is protected in the Constitution is the freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of religion. It does not tell us how to pray to God, but rather, designates faith as a personal right.

Why do we call it a church instead of a temple, fellowship, or such names? Because the IRS calls it a “church.” If the IRS decides to use “cockamamie” instead of “church,” then cockamamie it is.

The point is that religion is founded on dogma and doctrine, whereas a constitutional church derives its organizational authority from the Constitution of the United States and pledges its “allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God.”

The upshot is this. A Constitutional survival church is also based on American exceptionalism, for one reason, tolerance.

There is no perfect form of governance and America has a mixed history, but on balance no other form of governance, in the history of humankind has so successfully embodied the inalienable rights of personal freedom, and religious tolerance as America.

When future space colonists found new worlds, they will be well-served to base their governance model on the US Constitution, whether in whole or in part. Therefore, when this church goes to the stars, the Constitution will go with it.

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